Thursday, April 30, 2009

Turning around in circles...

...with American Apparel's Unisex Circle Scarf!

I'm sure you remember my last post about scarves and how I love them so much because of their unique ability to transform or tweak an outfit and because they're so darn affordable (See Sun 03/01 "Stick Your Neck Out")...

Well, I particularly LOVE this scarf from one of my go-to-for-basics stores. It comes in three versions: Regular Solid, Super Sheer and Tie-Dye. The type of fabric varies since American Apparel re-purposes material from around their factory (re-use and recycle people!) but it is usually some kind of lovely, stretchy, soft jersey in an amazing range of colors.

There are at least 10 ways to wear it but I'm sure your creative minds can come up with more! See the movie - pretty funky, huh?

I just bought the Super Sheer Circle Scarf in Athletic Blue, but I'm thinking about making a bunch of these myself as gifts - shhhh!

So go circle yourself in coolness!

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