Thursday, April 23, 2009

Right Said Red...

Oh my goodness I heart this dress. I am so hoping that it looks as good on as it does online, because I am in dire need of a red dress, now that summer may actually be around the corner. This one is Forever 21's Flutter Chiffon Dress, for...yes, I'll say it...$22.80!

However, girls, there is a very, very, fine fashion line between "beauty" and "booty" when it comes to pulling off lipstick red! The dress must be well-tailored, at a moderate length and cleavage level and in a fabric that does not cling, shine or sparkle (no being mistaken for a streetwalker here). Also, shoes should be neutral (I like gold or nude myself) - NOT black...unless you want to look straight out of 1987 (if you're going for that, excellent).

And please, please keep your hair natural and makeup minimal. With a color so bold, your outfit does not need competition from the rest of your lovely self...

Find your own soon because the little black dress can quickly become the little BORING dress, am I right? Show your fashion chops and BE the Lady in Red this summer!

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