Thursday, April 16, 2009

To jumpsuit or not to jumpsuit...

I say it's a YES.

Whether it's halter or strapless, pants or shorts, I think it's a lovely, sexy, feminine look with a retro, 70's-ish feel. Instead of screaming, it just whispers summer and calls for flowy, tousled hair and a laid-back vibe...

The challenge, however, is finding one that fits just right. For those with long torsos, this will be a bit of a problem, but never fear dearies, I will be on the look-out for the perfect one for you.

Definitely safest in a dark color (think black or blue) and platforms or sky-high heels are a must!

The one pictured above is the Mara Hoffman Silk Jumpsuit - don't you just love the keyhole opening and genie-esque legs? Other ones I've found that are super-fabulous are the Arden B Kimono Split Sleeve Jumpsuit ($58), the Forever 21 Joyce Jumpsuit (just $25!) and the Express Strapless Jumpsuit (love the cobalt blue color - $80).

For loads more options, go to ShopStyle!

Now go bring out your inner Charlie's Angel!

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