Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tiers...not just for cakes anymore!

I've been noticing a trend in dresses lately that I wanted to get your opinion on, dear readers. Several designers and copycats have been turning out dresses with layers upon layers of fabric, all the way down the body.

Now, not having yet tried on one of these designs, part of me thinks them quite girly and stylish but part of me thinks they might just add extra poundage to all but the tiniest of us.

The crochet number above is the Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe Sister Flamme Dress from Urban Outfitters and below are a few additional examples, the BCBG Tiered Cocktail Dress available at, Betsey Johnson's Blush Dot Cotton Strapless Tiered Dress available at, and the TBags Ruffle Tier Dress at, respectively.

What do you think? Will we look as pretty as a petit-four or will we look like we ate the whole batch?

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