Thursday, February 19, 2009

Indie retail rocks my world...

Tired of the mall? Looking for something different? Need some extra flash from your little wad of cash? Look no further, dear local readers, the boutiques are de-stashing & it's time to pump up your shopping cred...

This Saturday, 02/21 from 9AM-4PM at Shorewood High School is the first-ever BOUTIQUE BLOWOUT! Several of the best, independent fashion boutiques around are banding together to provide Milwaukee fashionistas with what they crave - unique style at a discount. Lots of sample items, luxe brand names, 50-75% off sticker prices...sounds like a great way to spend the day with girlfriends, doesn't it?

Some of the shops that will be there are Lela, SHOP, Miss Ruby, Aala Reed, Shoo, EssElle (my personal fave which is going away 4evah, *sniff*), and more!


1) $5 admission (goes to charity)
2) Bring CASH - not sure if any CC's or checks will be accepted
3) Wear a strapless bra and stash some heels in your tote bag
4) Eat a good breakfast and have a shot of caffeine

I predict this will be a no-nonsense, power-shopping, possibly elbowing-other-women-out-of-the-way-for-the-last-one-in-your-size moment. BRING IT ON.

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