Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crazy shoe obsession of the day...

I KNOW you don't really need shoes. I KNOW you don't really need GREEN shoes. I KNOW you don't really need GOLD PLATFORM GREEN SATIN GLADIATOR-ISH shoes. But if you DID need them, these would be the ones!

Fashion always skews this way and that into the realms of whimsy and crazy, because how can one be creative without at least considering the ridiculous? I believe these shoes are a testament to that and, if you've got $129.00 lying around in your shoe budget, why not the Bebe "Evelyn" Satin Ankle Strap Sandal?

Available in brown, green and shocking blue with a sculpted metallic sole, if the color doesn't make a statement, the acrophobia-inducing 5.75" heel with a 1" platform surely will!

Sometimes you gotta make your shoes do the talking, right? But be careful girls...with a shoe this outrageous, the rest of your outfit had better be pretty subdued...

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