Thursday, February 12, 2009

My boyfriend's back...

So let's talk "Boyfriend Jeans." This denim trend started showing up during Fall 2008 in Hollywood and, naturally, is hitting the regular RTW market en force now. Most denim lines have a version but the blogosphere is still debating whether or not this is a look we should even attempt, for fear of becoming fashion victims.

Some noteable starlets who are responsible for beginning the obsession with this new jean silhouette are Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Aniston. The look is very easy, very casual and very "I look good but do I look like I care?" Kind of the same vibe I was discussing earlier with the Frye Boots...

I say YES...maybe. It all depends on whether you do it RIGHT. There was a huge debate over skinny jeans a few years back too, and that turned into a non-issue, OK?

Some tips I think are necessary when diving into this look:

1) DO NOT actually wear your boyfriend's (or any boy's) jeans. Buy GIRL's jeans that are cut in the boyfriend style.

2) Make sure that they are fitted at some point on your body (like your booty or your hips). Otherwise you'll just look like a sad little girl drowning in clown pants. Not that I've ever seen that, but it seems pretty sad...

3) Wear them with something very fitted or very feminine or both. You don't want people to start mistaking you for a teenage boy, do you? (Think a tiny tank, ruffly blouse, slightly cropped t-shirt, fitted tube top)

4) Pair them with equally feminine jewelry and shoes. Personally, I like them rolled/cuffed at the bottom with nice, high heels. However, girly flats or strappy sandals would work just as well.

5) Pay attention to COLOR - a dark wash will not necessarily be the best choice in this case. The idea is to "look" like you borrowed old jeans and made them yours, right? So look for light washes with some distressing or outright holes. The more lived-in, the better.

4) Be CONFIDENT. The most fun part about fashion is that you try things out, for the better or for the worse. And all aspiring fashionistas must be bold in my book!

Whew! That seems like a lot of rules! But now you know, so get your butts into some non-boy-but-look-like-boy's-girl's-jeans and rock it out. You can pull it off, I know it...
B is for boyfriend...
B is for boyfriend... - by roxy-land on

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