Monday, February 2, 2009

Seize the day (and a cute necklace)!

Sometimes it's hard to find the right gift for a girlfriend. Or a mom. Or a sister. Or any woman that might be in your life. Finally, a store that sells cute and quirky quality jewelry that is both simple and inspirational. is a wonderful online shop that has a myriad of great, little accessories that say just the right thing. The Carpe Diem necklace pictured above has tiny heart and compass charms on it to remind you to, of course, follow your heart! I bought 4 of my girlfriends the Hot Chick necklace because, well, they just didn't know they couldn't do without them.

A bit kitschy and a bit delicate, this jewelry can add a touch of sparkly fun to whatever you have on that day - who doesn't want that?

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