Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Let's talk face...

Meaning MAKEUP, that is. What good are clothes and hair if your face is a mess? I mean, there's a reason why the term "Butterface" was invented, right? And I will NOT allow that name to be used to describe you if I can help it, dearest readers...

First, the keys are knowing your own skin (dry, oily, combination?), how much time you have to get ready in the A.M. and (very important) your budget before taking the plunge into re-vamping your makeup wardrobe.

Second, there are tons of equally excellent products in the drugstore and at the department store, and both require trial and error. If you have the time and the bucks or really are at your wits end trying to figure it out on your own, make an appointment at the makeup counter to get advice from professionals - I have had some great personal experiences at both M.A.C. and Sephora.

Special note for women of color out there
: A good clue as to whether you will come out lookin' good or lookin' not-so-cute is whether or not there are any makeup artists behind the counter who are also women/men of color and/or any of their advertising has women of color featured in it. This is not ALWAYS true, of course, but it's a good start if you're feeling a little worried (this is why there are usually so many of us at the M.A.C. counter)!

Third, have fun! There are so many exciting things to try out, new formulations for products you've been using for years and new colors with each season. Changing your makeup can do even more for your look than a new outfit. Seriously.

So, what, you ask, do I use in MY OWN glamour arsenal? Well, these are my go-to favorites because they work for my skin, they LAST (very important for the workday and the fun night) and they easily go from A.M. to P.M. with just a few tweaks.

See the pic at the top of the post!

1) M.A.C. Select Cover-Up in NW30
2) Make Up For Ever Extreme Camouflage Cream in 10 (when I need serious coverage)
3) M.A.C. Studio Tech in NC40
4) NARS Powder Blush in Torrid
* Revlon SkinLights Instant Skin Brightener in Golden Light (not pictured)

5) Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat (primer)
6) Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio in On Stage
7) M.A.C. Matte Eye Shadow in Signed Sealed
8) Dior Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Intense Brown
9) M.A.C. Eye Brows in Spiked
10) L’Oreal Lash Architect 3-D Dramatic Waterproof Mascara in Black

11) M.A.C. Lip Pencil in Whirl
12) Aveda Lip Glaze in Raspberry Tea
13) M.A.C. Lustre Lipstick in Capricious

14) Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curler
15) Sephora Professionnel Ergonomic Brush – Eye Crease
16) Sephora Professionnel Ergonomic Brush - Blush
* Sephora Professionnel Concealer Brush (not pictured)
* M.A.C. Studio Tech Sponge (not pictured)

All of these products can be found at M.A.C., Sephora or drugstores (with the exception of Aveda products, which are only available at Aveda salons or stores). NOW GO GET PRETTY!

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