Friday, January 23, 2009

She bangs!

Bangs are still going strong in hair fashion for 2009. While we may all want to look effortlessly cool and slightly retro like the celebrities do sporting their glossy fringe, in reality, bangs are pretty high-maintenance due to frequent trims, straightening, constant worrying that they're in place, et cetera.

That said, my high-maintenance self would like to try (again) with some very heavy bangs. I have long, coarse, slightly-layered, Asian hair and a slight cowlick along my front hairline. I have also had the same, basic haircut since high school. Sigh...

Since I have given up squinting into the mirror to find out what I "might" look like as my new, glamorous self, I bit the bullet and tried out one of those online "try on a new hairstyle" thingies at The Hairstyler. After playing around for an hour and daydreaming (I really CAN look like Pat Benatar!), I came up with a few that are very, very wrong and some that I might actually take along to my hairstylist. What do you think?

Or I may just puss out, drop another 50 bucks and ask for the ol' 1/2 inch trim and layers bit. Again.

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