Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lofts, teachers and a fab dress...

My college roommate and dear friend is the new fashion director for Ann Taylor LOFT!

Having been involved with several fashion ventures with designers, fashion magazines and her own jewelry business, she is certainly one of the most stylish, energetic and infectiously adventurous people I know. Now that she's bringing h
er fabulosity to Ann Taylor LOFT, you can be sure she'll take care of what your closet's been missing.

That said, check out one of Ann Taylor LOFT's newest styles - this super-versatile, flattering Eyelet Hem Dress. Not only can it be dressed up or down (essential for any self-respecting fashionista's wardrobe) and accessorized with belts, shoes, cami's, what-have-you, but it's also 100% cotton and washable (read: comfy!). Easily an all-season dress, it seems like a no-brainer, right?

Another thing I discovered while surfing around the website is this lovely program they sponsor named LOFT Loves Teachers. Dedicated to educators, members receive 15% off purchases, earn benefits for their classrooms, become part of an online community and support efforts to have a positive impact on education. Excellent!

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