Thursday, January 22, 2009

In the beginning, there was a fig leaf...

Oh, Ebay, why must you contribute to my online window shopping addiction? Alas, I give in, but I share the fruits of my surfing labors with you, dear readers.

I came across this pretty excellent Ebay store named Fig Leaf Fashion that sells super-feminine, super-modern clothing from sample sales. The seller (so she claims) is the sister of a designer and therefore gets to attend these sales. Being the entrepreneur that she is, she consequently re-sells them to the fashion-addicted public.

I don't have experience buying from her (yet), but her feedback scores are very good & some of her stuff is just so darn cute (I mean, this dress, so friggin' adorable), I may be her next victim.

Check it out during one of your well-deserved work breaks.

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