Monday, January 26, 2009

Low on cash? No excuse for fashion!

After waxing poetic about custom clothing, designer brands and luxury labels, I realized that I would be remiss if I did not mention my old standbys. In other words, those shops that don't require you to take a second job or feel guilty about going shopping when you haven't paid your cell phone bill yet...

My favorite go-to stores for quick, cheap and trendy are, hands down, Forever 21 and American Apparel. While the dressing rooms may not be as nice, the staff may not be as helpful and you have to do a little more digging through the racks than pricier stores, their clothes give your wardrobe just enough punch to be able to keep lookin' pretty and maintain your stylish self.

Forever 21 always has its finger on the pulse of trendy, bringing the newest colors, accessories and shapes lightning-fast to the racks, all for so little dough it's almost astonishing. For example, the purple number above is a Forever 21 Pointelle Sweater Top that I forced a friend of mine to buy in a beautiful magenta and she can wear it to work and out for a martini, all for a mere $23 (plus the cost of a cosmo) [].

Don't let American Apparel's name fool you...this is the most "Euro" store of all. Providing low-cost dudes', gals' and kids' basic clothing and accessories in millions of colors that can be combined and turned around in just as many ways, AA is a new favorite of mine. The quirky website has demo videos to show you how to turn one dress into 20 and a circle scarf into everything from a hood to a high-waist skirt. I have multiples of both the Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau Dress and the Cotton Spandex Jersey Strapless Ruched Bodysuit. So cute, versatile and comfortable []!

Each of these stores has its own, great website where you can buy direct if you're not close to a retail location. Plus, they each have a decidedly international feel to them - making YOU feel oh-so-with-it and NOT cheap FOR cheap. THAT'S worth a few fashion bucks, right?

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