Friday, January 16, 2009

2009 Fashion Predictions...

Based on my own devouring of fashion magazines, countless hours spent surfing (and shopping!) online and a general interest in what women are wearing on the street, I like to make predictions on what will be and what will remain in style for at least this season and the year.

Note: These are not predictions of what will be on the runway but guesses on what people in real life will be wearing, all to help you in your future fashion purchase decisions!


New Colors
Tans, nudes, neutrals (this goes for tops, bottoms AND shoes)
Cobalt blue (Seen this everywhere, and it's darling on all skin colors)
Bright yellows
Gray is still super-hot and is a new neutral that I have fallen in love with

New Shapes

Interesting shapes and drapes to clothes have been showing up everywhere from the runway to the retail store. This sculptural quality is something you may want to try in small doses but if you're adventurous, go for it! See this page at Urban Outfitters for an example. If you're from the Milwaukee area, Fashion Ninja has been doing this for awhile and her shop and studio are consistently turning out new and creative ideas as well as limited run pieces.


The return to the Jackie-O style will be very big this spring and summer. Think pencil skirts, bracelet-length sleeves, capes, lockets on skinny chains, small florals, anything with ruffles, shift dresses. The good thing about this? Very flattering on a feminine figure and oh so classy.

Don't toss these into the Goodwill bin just yet OR if you've been pondering buying them, do so. Right now. 

Skinny Jeans
For all the debate that has gone on round and round online and in mags, these are still going strong. Girls love them, they pair well with the blousy, feminine and voluminous tops that are still in style and will be for the spring and they're flattering when done right. Plus, Kate Moss is still wearing them and if she's still rockin' something, it's bound to still be a fashion DO. Am I right?

If you already have 'em, try updating your wardrobe with a new color (light gray, bright blue) or rise (high-waisted if you can pull this off?). If you haven't tried 'em yet, buy them in a dark color to start (dark wash indigo, black, dark gray) and make sure they have a bit of stretch to them (look for some % of lycra o
r spandex mixed with cotton on the tag).

My personal favorites are by BDG, available for about $50 at Urban Outfitters. I have the BDG Black Overdye Cigarette Jean. However, as with ANY clothes you buy but especially with jeans, TRY ON TRY ON TRY ON. 

Blousy, voluminous tops
I'm talking the pleated, ruffly, tunic-y tops that are ultra-feminine and have a bit of volume. Usually, they're made of a nice drapey jersey, chiffon, silk, what-have-you. Remember to balance out the proportion with a fitted skirt or skinny pants. For the winter, you can rock these in black, gray (for the safe) or in a jewel-tone to get out of the blahs. Look for them in pastels
and neutrals for the spring.

Platform shoesThese showed up last year everywhere and...guess what? They're here to stay, AT LEAST through the summer. Closed, rounded toe and peep-toe with tights right now and open-toe and peep-toe for the spring/summer. If you haven't yet discovered the miracle of the hidden platform pump, try one on today (especially you shorties out there like me!).

The L.A.M.B. "Daly" Woven Hidden Platform Pump is a lovely example.
I'm not sure if the strictly gladiator look will continue but a modified version as a very strappy platform sandal will definitely be hot for the next several months, especially in new colors! Check out Michael Kors' Tajines Gladiator Sandal to see what I mean.

Higher Waists
There is a huge range here, from belly-button level to natural waist to just under the bust. This goes for pants, jeans and especially skirts.

Again, this is especially flattering for shorter legs but it provides some nice structure to all ladies' bodies and brings back an older fashion era.
And again, TRY ON! You never know what will look good on you if you don't at least take a look at it on your own body inside that private sanctuary called the dressing room.

Black patent leather
Shoes, purses, totes, everything. Still a good, classic investment that adds punch to your wardrobe.

Donate or recycle these. Thank goodness I have a sewing machine!

Big florals

Not that this ever really caught on with the real gals out there, but I predict that these will not be pushed this spring like they were the past several months. Large prints are rarely flattering on many a bod and I think that the idea reminded us too much of our grandmas, even if the print WAS on a fabulous dress.

Maxi dresses
Anything that makes you look a little pregnant and a lot short is not a good thing. I learned the h
ard way. Sigh...

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