Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I HEART these sites...


If you haven't already discovered this awesome site, visit it immediately!

Etsy.com is a sweet site for handmade and custom-made accessories, clothes, gifts & so much else! It's a community of artists, crafters and others who buy and sell all things handmade. It's a friendly place and I have found some really great shops here for everything from jewelry to custom clothing.

Plus, the site has a really creative way of displaying and filtering what you're looking for. You can keep an eye on your favorite shops & favorite items. Here are just some of mine:

sarahseven (her "Lemon Drop Dress" is pictured above)

Seriously, check them out.


and match images from anywhere on the web, to create outfits, interior designs, or any kind of collage. Browse and shop thousands of looks created by a community of stylish people.

Basically, you can enter in an article of clothing that you want to get ideas of what wear with it. It then comes up with all these "outfits" that other people have come up with, complete with links to online stores. GREAT for ideas!!

In my case, I bought a pair of gray scrunchy booties simply because they were gorgeous, but I had the classic dilemma of not having anything to wear with them :)

Really love it. Go! Now.

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  1. Love the first two Etsy sellers. Very different from each other, but so intriguing!