Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm dreaming of vintage... the form of a leather mini or pencil skirt, high-waisted or not, black, brown or bright, 70's or 80's, depending on the look you're going for. Picture it in all its tight, sexy gloriousness with a blousy, ruffly top or a tissue-thin, voluminous, v-neck t-shirt topped off with, of course, some bad-ass heels. The key here is to counteract its original era with a modern top and shoes as well balance its form-fitting nature with some volume.

Naturally, I have not yet tried on this outfit as it is still living in my imagination, but this may be my next fashion prey as I move through the web, second-hand stores and rummage/thrift sales this summer.

I think for the current season, it would look amazing with bare legs, strappy yet substantial sandals and a thin top with some volume. For fall/winter, I would rock it with solid tights, boots/booties - no brainer, really...

Some ideas are Urban Outfitters' Urban Renewal Vintage Leather Mini Skirt (pictured above) and the Silence & Noise Moto Skirt, which is neither leather nor vintage, but who's checking?

For a great, great variety of choices, check out Etsy's selection of vintage leather. Tons of choices, colors, decades and price points - highly recommended!

The nice thing about leather is that it's a material that is inherently classy, sexy, cool and, let's face it, can be tight on the body without showing lumps. Not that you have any. But if you did, we'd really love that feature, wouldn't we?

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