Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't you wish you were mod?

Well, stop wishing girlies! One of my bestest friends, T, offered up this amazing online store that carries excellent trendy clothes and cheeky accessories at really affordable prices - perfect for all of us frugal fashionistas.

ModCloth.com carries one-of-a-kind vintage and vintage-inspired finds, and everything from indie & retro to cute & emo...tops, dresses, purses, jewelry, la la la galore. A few pieces that really caught my eye were the Cornerstone Purse (a lovely, putty-colored clutch/tote/slouchy thing that would go so well with jeans), the Getting To Know You Dress (a happy, very vintage-y summer dress perfect for work and cocktails), the High Seas Skirt (a perfect paper-bag waist pencil skirt in an awesome, versatile deep blue), and the Age of Industry Ring (a stacked, industrial-looking piece that's looks part 90's minimalist, part 80's rapper).

The shop only carries a limited run of each of its pieces (many are sold out by the time I've decided to buy!) which is good if you don't want someone else wearing the same thing you are tonight but is bad if you're indecisive. Great for all you impulse buyers on a budget out there!

Now you CAN be mod (or retro, or indie, or emo...) for very few George Washingtons. We like that!

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