Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bat your eyelashes...

...especially if they're falsies! I have been to 2 weddings in 2 weeks, complete with the necessary grooming and preparation that we ladies require to feel and look our best (hairstyling, makeup, cocktail dress) along with the less obvious (waxing, strapless bras, etc.). However, I propose that the next best thing to having toned arms and the perfectly coordinated clutch are definitely, without a doubt, false eyelashes.

I tell you lovelies, as soon as those babies are put on by a professional, only a tiny bit of additional makeup is necessary. Not to mention how fabulous one feels once they've been applied! There's a certain je ne sais quois about long, feathery eyelashes...who am I kidding? I know what! Inherent femininity, sexiness and allure - all from a few fake pieces of hair glued onto your eyelids. Nice!

I personally prefer the look of 4-6 individual clusters per eye (vs. the full strips) and while your local salon/spa is the quickest way to do it (about $15-20 per 10-15 minute session), you can try your hand at doing it yourself for your next night out.

FYI - most salons use the same kind you can find at your local drugstore or beauty supply store:

* Ardell
* M.A.C.
* Sephora

Here's a great video tutorial on individual lashes by makeup artist Kandee Johnson:

Here's a nice video tutorial on applying strip lashes by M.A.C. Makeup Artist Chantell Miller:

Either way, curling your lashes and applying eyeliner and mascara beforehand is the best prep for the best results. Now go get sexy eyes!

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