Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speaking of "The Fashion Show..."

...alas, 'tis a poor substitute for "Project Runway." Although I respect Isaac Mizrahi as a designer, he is no match for the hilarious and constructive Tim Gunn and, let's face it - Kelly Rowland vs. Heidi Klum? Not happening, lovelies. Heidi definitely wins in that smackdown, don't you think?

That does NOT, however, keep me from watching a reality/competition show about fashion my dearies! While suffering through most of the first episodes of Bravo's newest fashion reality show, I was sucked into the T.V. shameless marketing and money-making machine for just a moment when designer Daniella won Week 2 and after I heard you can buy the winning looks from each week (see what I mean about the machine?).

Sans the scary sheer bomber jacket thing, Daniella's Short Bustier Jumpsuit is sexy, stylish and has an interesting shape all at one time. I really like the exaggerated neckline and the not-too-short shorts. Love love love it with dark tights but could see it working just as well with a pair of bare legs and wedges. And at just $119 through BravoShop, it's at a pretty decent price for designer clothing, no?

Do I click "Buy Now" or not? Still deciding on whether it's a worthy addition to the already overpacked and underused wardrobe...

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