Monday, September 7, 2009

Vintage and bibs...

...make for excellent fall accessories!

So lovelies, I'm sure you've noticed certain celebs and models sporting statement piece necklaces with their otherwise simple outfits (plain t-shirts, simple dresses, etc.), much like Molly Sims (see slide show).

Imparting a cool, vintage, ladylike feel to an outfit with a lovely, bold necklace is an amazing way to stand out, be comfortable and jazz up the normally-blah-but-already-bought stuff in your closet, all at the same time. We like that!

First spied during Spring 2009, the trend is in full-force this season, with so many options and price points, you're sure to find one (or many) that are perfect for your style and budget.

Some of my faves (featured above):

Urban Outfitters Studded Bib Necklace - $48

Express Beaded and Ribbon Bib Necklace - $44.50

Forever 21 Fallen Leaves Necklace - $7.80 (seriously)

Anthropologie's Thunderstorm & Ranuncula Necklaces - $48 and $42

JCPenney/MixIt Hematite and Gold Bib Necklace - $23.99

Not a necklace, but just as cool - the J.Crew Tissue Stone Necklace Tee

And, of course, always comes through, with handmade and true vintage styles at incredible prices...I love love love the Vintage Vanity's Elegance Necklace, Attic Fanatic's gorgeous Ooh La La Necklace and Florabond's Seriously Racy and Romantic Bib Statement Necklace.

Think flowery, sparkly, colorful, feminine and the bigger the better. Don't you just love being a girl?

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