Saturday, September 5, 2009

Frugal + fashionista = ...

...Frugalista! Most of you who are reading this, lovelies, are interested in fashion, beauty, lookin' pretty AND finding a good deal. Before now, I had never known there was a name for us - FRUGALISTAS.

Used by the chicsters over at Target, the term "Frugalista" has an interesting, albeit short, linguistic history. According to the New York Times, in 2007, when a mild downturn was seen by some as necessary to avert a future bust, "recessionista" surfaced, coined by the economist Larry Kudlow, and was defined in The Times as “the new name for the style maven on a budget.” It faced a fierce competitor, however, in "frugalista," used in 2005 by The Palm Beach Post and The Toronto Star and picked up since in a Miami Herald blog by Natalie McNeal that she calls the Frugalista Files.

Anyway, now has a regular fashion blog, "Style Boutique," that is a splashy, fun, well-edited and useful online place to get some excellent, frugalista-ish styling tips from industry designers and experts, a la Nina Garcia (our favorite Project Runway alumna). It's also updated every Friday, so the ideas never have time to get stale.

This week, Nina's video highlights some super-cute booties just in time for fall that I think one just can't go wrong in: Mossimo Kalila Seemed Ankle Boots - and they're $29.99! Seriously!

So, go visit Target online and sign up for weekly "Frugalista Finds" e-mails. You loved Target before, so why not make room for more, right?

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