Monday, August 3, 2009

Fall fashion predictions...

It's only August you say! It's still 70ish degrees outside and sunny! I've barely gotten my newly-polished toes into my sandals! I know, I know ladies, but I'd like to give you a fall fashion prediction preview so that you can keep your eye out for some lovely things whilst sipping lemonade.

Yes, lumberjack-y plaid. On a classic campshirt (sized down to fit your cute, feminine frame of course), a tunic, dress, what-have-you. You'll be seeing this all over the place for the fall. However, I recommend it in SMALL accents (one piece at a time girls!), lest you be confused with one of the Wisconsin hunter wives around here :)

This will be most common in the shoulders/arms area and is a nice, 80's throwback that can show off the most feminine parts of you while draping the parts you don't really want to show off (like, at all).


Gray is back in a big way as a nice, alternative neutral. I have always been a big fan of heather, charcoal, mist, whatever because it's a bit unexpected yet highly wearable. Look for it in tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, bags, makeup.

While lots of color will still be popular in our segue from summer to fall, colors will be more muted - think pastel or washed. Soft pinks, lilacs, baby blues...

Exceptions to the above: hot, neon-ish chartreuse (see Heidi Klum below)

Motorcycle-inspired shoes and heels + actual motorcycle boots will be a big deal. PLUS look for cool, moto-inspired wear (skirts, tops, jeans, jewelry). I see lots of leather, studs, grommets - very tough-chic. Really, you CAN pull it off, even if you're a peace sign kind of girl. Try it in small doses!

Definitely still in. Really. Hang onto your dark wash and gray ones. If you're feeling adventurous, add some with zippers at the ankles or in a cute, pastel color.

Now, some MUSTS for your fall wardrobe...

Look for the following (get one or all, so hard to get just one pair, I know):
Over-the-knee (not quite but almost thigh high) in suede or leather (a la Kate Moss)

Vintage leather (wonderful for moto boots or western-inspired)
I personally love Frye boots, but make sure you do a search and check E-Bay for better prices. Anthropologie also has a huge selection of limited edition ones in their Fall catalog.

Ankle boots or booties with a stiletto heel (sexy!)


Opaque, stretchy and durable - you will wear these with every suit, dress and skirt you own and with any color shoe you like. A great way to modernize your existing outfits. Yay!


Skirts, pants, jeans, shorts, you name it. Just try them on! You'll never know unless you try, right? Very retro and surprisingly flattering, especially for short-legged gals comme moi...

In addition to the aforementioned boots, look for skirts, bags and jackets with a real (or not so real) distressed, worn look. This speaks to my long-running quest for effortless cool, no?

So, that's it at the moment girls. Ta ta for now!

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  1. I'm looooving your fall update! I'm really digging the plaid shirts. I can't wait for the weather to be just right for them :)