Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, oh UNIQLO...

It's been said that if you were to take H&M and American Apparel + add a dash of Japanese fashion flair, you'd get UNIQLO. If you love the Euro and/or Japanese feel in your fashion and have a serious addiction to solid colors and well-made, affordable, comfy basics that you can make your own, this is the place to go.

The Japanese characters for UNIQLO sound like "U-NI-KU-RO" which is, to a Japanese ear, the shortened version of "unique clothing." "Clothes as lifestyle components" is the Japanese retailer's mantra, and I'm so loving that this Tokyo-based export wants us to be part of its world!

Unfortunately for us American ladies, the only U.S. store is the NYC SOHO Store, the brand's largest retail outlet in the world. Thank goodness for the Internet!

UNIQLO's website layout is pretty genius - super-clear pictures, great tidbits of global fashion snapshots, fun interactive features and search tools that are ridiculously easy to use and make a lot of sense (a combination that is very rare in online shopping these days).

Some of my favorites are:

*DI Shipley & Halmos Waist Sache Dress
*DI Shipley & Halmos Sleeveless Dress
*EFC Hooded S/S T Tunic
*LTWT CNT Stretch Layered Dress
*Dry Stretch Full Zip Parka
*Illustrators S/S Graphic T

Now go explore the rainbow!

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